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  1. ErinReed37 says:

    You don’t need to be embarrass to get a girl.. Here is what you can do

  2. oskazmusicfreak says:

    Jessi got ATB bro

  3. Emily Kelly says:

    The first one hahahah

  4. TexasBeautyy06 says:

    lol, i feel bad for jesse, he should have told them it was a prank and point to the camera, look at their reactions, hahaha

  5. ialann98 says:

    1:50 that girl looks HOT!! look at her ass and legs :p xD

  6. TheXXxStrIKeRxXx says:

    what the fuck are they doing ???

  7. John Trollson says:

    Fuck my dad heard wonderful vagina

  8. Ahhhh ehhhhh that’s mean

  9. limeminituba13 says:


  10. james thomas says:

    What was the last Q to the asian girl whwn he didnt ask it?

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