Polly doesn’t want a cracker. Polly wants to pee all over these poor people who are holding th…

10 Responses to “Polly Wanna Peepee”

  1. TheFloppyCrafter says:

    Do you really believe that or are you just being a troll? If you really think so… you’re the most retarded fucking person on the planet.

  2. Flatchlenter says:

    He’s right, though. They don’t really pee. Not like that, at least… Haven’t you ever seen bird droppings?

  3. TheFloppyCrafter says:

    They don’t pee like that but they still pee. Regardless of how much force is behind it, they still pee.

  4. Alex Ander says:


  5. Flatchlenter says:

    Their pee comes out in their bird droppings. They don’t SPRAY. Ever.

  6. TheFunnyWoof says:

    They don’t pee as an action, but they still release urine. Just not through the action of peeing. So no, birds do not pee but they do release urine.

  7. uechiblu3000 says:

    I would’ve called this one “The Bird Bath”.

  8. Anton Yershov says:

    get cho fax strate son

  9. Pili359 says:

    18+ :D

  10. TheFloppyCrafter says:

    Learn to spell and use proper punctuation and then I will get my facts strait.

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