I asked this guy if I could use his cell phone to call my wife because my car broke down. Then, I used it to chat with my buddies! I ALMOST passed on approac…

13 Responses to “PISSED OFF HOMIE”

  1. Da Shiznit says:

    Thx dude! :D

  2. Jessica JackKnife says:

    omg!!! I was so afraid for your life just now

  3. Matt Dasnerf says:

    That is fucking brave.

  4. John Gabriele says:

    LOL he got owned and people callin him a pussy u wouldnt do shit either

  5. Tina Kolić says:

    im surprised. cant come of out the reality of getting a iphone for doing some questionnaire 🙂 . be mature and do this, never forget to fill with your mail id and ph number. dont run away have a try now => bit.ly/13bsbhL?=nzirfb

  6. william stiles says:

    why does everyone in America say I was gonna knock you out, like it’s a cool thing.

  7. nicholas thomas says:

    Hands Down Jack Is A PUSSY!!!!

  8. LinLynable says:

    Omg when he pushed you I about lost it XD

  9. MrEricRuiz says:

    Ur such a pussy jack

  10. Daryl Lander says:

    You know you spelled virus wrong!

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