My friend Terrence Williams came out to do a prank with me where he posed as a hitchhiker and had to sit in the backseat between my Mom and my Mother In-Law! When I suggested we take him to our home to have dinner with us, she was not having any of it! LOL! This was the most fun I’ve had since I pranked my mom in the “Cheating On My Wife Prank”! You can see that one here:

Here’s Terrence’s channel:

5 Responses to “PICKING UP A HITCHHIKER WITH MOM!! – Funny Hitchhiker Video – Family Comedy (Ft. Terrence Williams)”

  1. Jack, you should’ve gotten him to use the pooter too…

  2. Travis Rabble says:

    You should change the title to ‘Scaring Old People with a Black Guy’

  3. Lmaooo

  4. killcorporatelovers now says:

    My mom would have been like “yeah give the guy a ride. But then when she sees he is black she would be like no way are you crazy.

  5. There was nothing special about this till Momma Bear started to roar. “You Brat, YOU BRAT!”. I was like, damn straight. Get him momma! 😈

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