I posed as one of those grocery store employees giving out samples and asked people to “RELIEVE” me for a minute while I “RELIEVE” myself. Also subscribe to …

10 Responses to “PEEING IN A BUCKET PRANK”

  1. Rickie Griffith says:

    These are just pointless when you don’t do aftermaths.

  2. grigsolve says:

    I bet it didn’t take long before you got kicked out.

  3. poopstainhotdog1 says:

    0:39 you know you fucked up when the hindu rasta asks if you’re alright

  4. Anicia Frazier says:


  5. teloyquude says:

    lol @ do you want to do the taste test now. I could have guessed the answer to that one.

  6. Pablo Nuñez Rivera says:



  7. ryan odell says:

    who in their right mind actually uses caps lock! its all Shift+Type nowadays

  8. BIGAZZWTBOY says:

    now thatrs funny

  9. Christopher Dunn says:

    0:25 “WAIT A MINUTE!!!!!!!”

  10. breachaz says:


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