I thought it was time to take PARANOID to DISNEYLAND! People were just as freaked out! Extras PARANOID Clips! Please also subscribe to m…

10 Responses to “PARANOID PRANK (Disneyland Edition)”

  1. ingrid garcia says:

    I love this guys pranks! there so´╗┐ funny!! ­čÖé

  2. Handschuh Fach says:

    that sound´╗┐ as she turned around her head.. like a horrormovie where something ugly turned around..

  3. Ali Davidson says:

    IM CRYING´╗┐

  4. CreeperTheCreep100 says:

    the guy with the blue jogger suit lookes like´╗┐ psy

  5. Robert Baan says:

    I disagree, I saw´╗┐ a lot of black people laughing their butts off. They allways have the best reactions!

  6. UntalentedFluffer says:

    Look up Vitaly on´╗┐ youtube and watch the “Russian hitman prank” They basically do that.

  7. ZaniniPadrona says:

    Snipers´╗┐ are ready

  8. Sir Br├╝tal says:

    Or “Are the´╗┐ snipers ready?”

  9. RockShooting says:

    niggas never´╗┐ handle pranks from withe guys

  10. starflight688 says:

    lol jack tooo´╗┐ funny

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