A pretty day at the mall. You are strolling from shop to shop and suddenly the alarm rings and you are accosted by the mall security. They search you only to…

16 Responses to “Panty Shoplifting Prank : Worlds Funniest Gags”

  1. Captain Edward Teach says:

    This is okay until it involve the little boys. Extremely appropriate to put
    boys at that age in such situation!

  2. they filmed after the prank with a different bag to recreate the scene

  3. Liamtubechannel64 says:

    Thumbs up if you came here by accident´╗┐

  4. Kelcye Brown says:

    this is mean and humiliating that little boy didn’t deserve that

  5. GeneralHayate says:

    Wow the black kid sure have trauma after this.. you guys overdo it…
    especially when he starts talking to the walky talky. I wouldve peed my
    pants and run away if I was the boy

  6. This is not a gd prank. Its humiliating……..and embarrassing.

  7. WorldsFunniestGags says:
  8. Treasure Okwu says:

    The kid ran away !!! ­čś« lol XD

  9. Its a cutaway.,..

  10. So how exactly did they get the camera in the bag

  11. cassie8079978 says:

    Lol Gary coleman

  12. wissam mohamed says:

    HHahaha so funny

  13. HolyXerxes says:

    Old but classic

  14. Cody Hopkins says:

    Seat up

  15. totizedger says:

    Yeah i dont like it becase it’s not funny

  16. john warne says:

    that afraid boy at last ..ha ha

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