The pillow display is lovely, but that one at the top is just out of this girl’s reach. When p…

10 Responses to “Not Tarred, But Feathered – Big Time!”

  1. wanisika says:

    Well, don’t worry about her…she got fairly paid for what she did…^^

  2. brukgetachew13 says:

    It’s nut funny

  3. mubashar ahmad says:

    Why it’s not available in my country Canada?

  4. Caleb Emery says:

    More Plessers

  5. awksauce jones says:

    May as well have added tar too :p lol

  6. AryaPutraSRJ says:

    WorkAlot prank

  7. Zoran Djurdjev says:

    0:20 FAIL  x)

  8. Hippoclite says:

    She will make a good housewife. Proud.

  9. sda3raas says: available on facebook

  10. nightsky366 says:

    It would have been better if the pillow was full of spiders and snakes.

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