Hey guys, I honestly think this may be the best video I’ve ever made. We went to the hood with a boom box and I rapped with the homies. At first I was nervous because when I was practicing…

10 Responses to “Nerd Raps in the Hood”

  1. NZAnimeManga says:

    This was brilliant! 

  2. ethan terry says:

    Ernies really cool in all but I’m legitimately surprised that he didn’t get
    shot. I mean what if one of those guys was a real rapper and he starts
    rapping these funky beats that nigh might’ve beat his ass

  3. fares aldude says:

    What’s fucking wanderlust means?

  4. Don_Dominguez says:

    The guy in purple is the perfect hype man

  5. Munchito696 says:

    That is actually real freestyle rapping, it may not be amazing but it was
    off the head and the rhymes kinda made sense. I’d rather listen to this
    than most of the bullshit I hear on the radio these days honestly. 

  6. Get Eminem in makeup and do this exact same thing, then it will actually be

  7. Send this to WorldStar and Reddit! Lets make this bad boy go Viral because
    it deserves it! Give it a like and thank you all for all your support! I
    love you!!!! More Epic videos on the way 🙂 

  8. Amber Russel says:

    Im so sick of all the “hood” pranks in which ppl just go and do stupid
    things and racist pranks but Omg i love you for this. this was amazing and
    you could make this a series, cause you’re very talented rapper lol. Nobody
    gets punched, everybody sings and smiles, subbed.

  9. Kaili TooKute says:

    If everyone approached black people with good intentions like this, we
    could all be peaceful! :)

  10. why do all dark people like rap music so much, its so untalented genre why
    not listen to metal

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