Its just another day at the pool. People are swimming, relaxing, having fun and suddenly a naked girl swims by you while you are under water. You dont believ…

20 Responses to “Naked Girl in the Pool Prank (Clean Version) Worlds Funniest Gags”

  1. the canned laugh track is annoying, more so than the music.

  2. Kelvin Chong says:

    Aww that guy is so cute over there…

  3. indro manik says:

    hahhaha nice

  4. General Maximilia says:


  5. schorpioen450 says:

    What’s wrong with a beautifull girl? Living in the Middle Ages still?
    Indeed: why censored???

  6. Jackhair69 says:

    wow french girls have fucking courage

  7. General Maximilia says:

    0:41 whahahha,, Maybe say “waw,,amazing”
    wkakakaka :D

  8. ardi halim says:

    Wah, ada juga lelaki yang mau ngejar..hehehe

  9. sadie berumen says:

    The guy at end was tryin to grab something

  10. Ikkitaro Hai says:

    ok dick, whats next..

  11. CsVideos123 says:

    I don’t wnt clean…

  12. BayanTheOne says:

    the puritan version isn’t funny enough

  13. What’s wrong? That only one should be allowed to watch this, that’s wrong.
    Censoring is in case of children if they said they have 18 years while

  14. sooper2dooper3 says:

    It were made after correct grammar were invented.

  15. why did you cut out guy in the end LOL.

  16. “I know two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity, but
    first I’m not entirely sure” Albert Einstein

  17. not sure who got pranked here.. it’s like pranking someone by giving him
    100 dollars :)

  18. eldie priantho says:


  19. pandawa arjuna says:

    wk wk

  20. tasha smailes says:


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