I been seeing a lot of comments on this subject lately. I wanted to just fire up the camera and talk with no idea what was going to come out my mouth. So here it is. Also I really feed off your guys interaction with comments and likes. So if you took a second to read this take a second to show some support. Love you guys and I will continue to inspire and make dope art.Beats By :
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5 Responses to “My drug addiction story.”

  1. cece ececec says:

    wow you smoke weed such a villian

  2. Weed is the best

  3. Alyssa Noronha says:

    Jesssssss, I litterally just got high and this was the first thing i watched lol, i feel you bro… I had a difficult last two years, and smoking has helped me the same way you’ve described in this video

  4. lynettez72 says:

    Always have and always will have mad love and mad respect for you Jesse; I will forever be a general SAAAAN; I am so proudĀ of you and appreciate all the hard work you have been doing with creating kick ass content, you are an amazing and super talented human being and I wish you nothing but the best! Thank you for being honest; no one can knock you for that.

  5. SackChaser Keith says:

    okay you smoke weed, who doesn’t…. live your life and be happy bro

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