I hope this finds me answers. As you can tell my head has not been in the right place. I feel like you guys are my friends and always supported me. So here is me opening up to you. I don’t want anything more than your motivation to kick my ass back into gear.
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  1. PrankvsPrank says:

    Thank you for understanding and all the support. DFN4Life

    • Kieran 99344 says:

      PrankvsPrank why is this video on PrankvsPrank

    • Shananigans Shananigans says:

      Hey Jesse, I have been watching you guys for 7-8 years….since Jeana did that funny cinnamon challenge. Everyone in the comments is saying that you need to go see her first. But you are actually worried of her to come see you. How are you meant to answer all her questions when she comes find you? Are you meant to tell her that it was an accident? what is she going to think about the fact that you didn’t look for her first? You mentioned that she might come at 18 years of age. By that time the child will be intelligent enough to understand the struggles that you had to go through. Simply that you couldn’t take care of her at that time. Its great that you posted this video incase she sees, all of the things you might need to say to her is already here….in a very truthful manner…..since if u told this to her face you might not speak your mind. I think you should wait for her to come to you incase she has alot of things on her life plate….you may stress her out. Or reach to her parents if your worried and let them know that she is welcome to see you only when she is ready and initiates questioning about you, and tell them to explain come of the story before she meets you, so she doesn’t shock cry infront of you….making it awkward.Thanks for opening up for the people who has the same problems as you. Don’t let those gossip channels get to you. Your fans are still your fans, why should you ever care about people who don’t really care about you. I am no professional, just suggestions, your mental health and actions are up to you man. Reach out to counselling, they are a great help , you can call or chat anonymously to great counselling companies such as BeyondBlue. I have called them before. If you reach out to her, you might ask her to if she is interested in taking in a DNA test. But if not, or if not goes to plan, who the fuck cares just continue living your life. All the people who are judging you….who fuckin gives a fuck, they are just behind a screen cos they life is boring as hell anyways. Peace and GL

    • llamacorn plays says:

      Jesse I appreciate so much that you told all of us your story I hope you can find out if she is your daughter or not:)

    • Yesenia Rivas says:

      PrankvsPrank Omg I love your Videos

    • Dalia Madrid says:

      PrankvsPrank thank you for sharing. You and your daughter were in my thoughts earlier today. Sending you and her good vibes.

  2. Martin Ducut says:

    stop scrolling through the comments and just watch the video…

  3. Royalthug says:

    His Daughter is the “Cash Me outside girl” … looking ass

  4. Starsonedge says:

    I hope the family reaches out to you. Just for closure.

  5. Mr.Unicorn7 says:

    Your camera is so amazing omg the quality is un believe able love you Daddy

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