This is one of the most ridiculous scams I’ve ever come across. These scammers in India claim that you’ve been selected for a $7,000+ grant from the US government for being a “loyal American citizen.” You won’t believe what they ask me to do in order to redeem it. Help raise awareness about this nonsense by sending the video to a friend!

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5 Responses to “Most Ridiculous Scam EVER – Ownage Pranks”

  1. Jack Stanyer says:

    when he said “your in danger” I thought he panicked and went onto the
    windows scam ­čśé­čśé´╗┐

  2. Boomerang Bro T says:

    I love how they answer 0 of your questions´╗┐

  3. DocDamage2Pro says:

    Call them again´╗┐

  4. sourav shaw says:

    Definitely not Indian´╗┐

  5. 2:00 You’re *´╗┐

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