Injured woman hardly makes it to her car only to catch her boyfriend cheating on her in the trunk… Fortunately, she finds enough energy to slap him real good!

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Filmed in Montreal, Quebec

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5 Responses to “Man Caught Cheating on Injured Wife”

  1. jamie delvillar says:

    요즘 사람들은 그렇게합니다. 그냥 놓아 줘야합니다.😊

  2. Kolaveri kolaveri D says:

    I’m happy

  3. World Traveler东北 says:

    0:56 *:))*

  4. abrahamdsl says:

    /Filmed in Montreal, Quebec/ as of 26NOV2016-2346 UTC+8 woohooo!

  5. megavern72 says:

    0:53 Rat him out!!!!

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