DISCLAIMER: This megahit is in French. Oui, oui! Oh snap! It’s Quebecois rap star Bengee givin…

10 Responses to “Le Kidz Crew – Bengee”

  1. akrem1999 says:

    U are an epic fail

  2. Mitzyandkat says:

    What country r they in

  3. safah razzaq says:

    It’s rubbish with no minji or brandon cuz it sounds retarded

  4. robin65464 says:


  5. VidUploDer says:

    Canada, Quebec

    🙂 i love my country

  6. noufaz1265 says:


  7. Mooky Zwag says:

    I don’t understand lol 😀 where’s gabriel forest? I like him btw 😀

  8. halobros1234 says:

    Apparently you don’t know correct english @whatsoever123456

  9. Ruby S. says:

    Its actually quite good of you know french… So if you don’t, pls don’t hating it

  10. yyevehan says:

    Why does he have to take the place of brandon?!

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