These kids had planned out the party of the year: unlimited candies, picnic under the sun; in short, all you’d ever wish for when you’re 10 years old!

They would have never thought that a colorforl piñata could have changed the mood from HOURRAY to RUN FOR YOUR LIFE, in a matter of seconds!

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5 Responses to “Killer BEES Fly Out Of Kids Piñata”

  1. rafael iglesias says:

    Aurelia Arandi Longpré
    Angela Magri
    Émilie Rose Laplante

  2. cherie lynette says:

    how is this funny? fallen angels and Jezebel come up with these ideas. these ideas are straight from hell. hahaha how funny fear. not really.

  3. Nelly Jimron says:

    I was chased by bees when I stepped on one.

  4. Nelly Jimron says:

    I know, I will hit the pinata when i turned twelve the next year.

  5. raja id says:

    i love it

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