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10 Responses to “Kids Gone Wild Prank”

  1. Hurrrrrrrrrrly says:

    based on a true story. this happens in chicago where black mobs of 10-20
    people mob people who walk alone, they have no chance.

  2. ChiaraCavalli says:

    At least they don’t have fake guns lol xo

  3. LOL – the gag and the following comments

  4. UPlayNetwork says:

    lol,, nice, why everyone complaining like kids these days? it’s just a

  5. Chrysanths says:

    Poor Denis the menace,today he got menace from the kids!!! :)

  6. revenger20012 says:

    im guessing a least 50% actually was trying to steal money with the kids
    but JFL didn’t show them

  7. Joan Cuthill says:

    Hahaha wonderful. ♥

  8. cruxader27 says:

    Do you have “Kids gone Wet and Wild Prank”??

  9. SuperBerserka says:

    Goddamn. All your new videos suck.

  10. Fliegendes Geheimnis says:

    Kids this days…

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