By popular demand, I decided to upload a fully subtitled version of this animated Abdo prank. I hope you all are happier with this 🙂 I called a Kebab store …

10 Responses to “Kebab Confusion Prank (SUBTITLED)”

  1. AwesomeAfrojim says:

    ze woman haz ze big kaboobies. i wud like to haf ze kaboobies in me faze

  2. Prince Angel says:

    the only thing im asking you is to read my comments carefully. i never blamed girls. im just giving them advices for protection.

  3. SuperShah201 says:


  4. JohnyboyMega says:


  5. SwiftyStarz says:

    i would of went to get my free kebab

  6. Prince Angel says:

    when you compare a hero to a lion, the criteria of the comparison is: bravery. and when you compare an apple to a strawberry, the criteria can be either: a fruit, or the color red. when i compared women to money on the ground, the criteria is not legal or not, its: temptation.
    and i never compared girls to bulls. i compared RAPISTS to bulls, and the criteria is: agressiveness, and inhumanity.

  7. WAFederation says:

    No, you’re supposed to try to make some sense. Comparing girls to money and animals is just dumb. Bulls are reckless animals that don’t know any better but to come after you. Finding money on the ground and keeping it isn’t illegal like rape. Because if you found it there and nobody claims it or has any proof that its their’s, then its fine. You have yet to provide a decent explanation on why you think rape is the girl’s fault.

  8. blindbeve says:

    “to know about you…..???” isn’t that what i’m saying on my comments are the things i know about you stupid idiot????? you f*cking moron up to your generation’s roots from the middle east….

  9. mshari q says:

    جميل المقلب شكرا ياباشا

  10. Vulcannons says:

    you need a russian accent man

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