Oldies, but goodies! Here goes: Squirting Skunk Duck and Walk Biker Woman Trips Cop Pigeon à l…

10 Responses to “Just For Laughs Gags – Season 1 Episode 3”

  1. monkey15683 says:

    You’re nasty

  2. TheJoeFree says:


  3. 10124140 says:

    Really boring gags. Not like teh usual funny ones.

  4. TheCossena says:


  5. Anthony Paul says:


  6. dezonOne says:

    boobs 🙂

  7. TheTaVaHoM says:

    does any one know gags is for which country?

  8. Lo Jia Wei says:

    yep man. cant stop laughin at it. crazy kareena kapoor screamed and beaten in a meeting for a silly mistake. crazy kareena , must have regretted after that.

    watch before they ban it -> bit.ly/13ciPQg?=klyhw

  9. SaphireRoseAcorn says:


  10. durieandrew0 says:

    12:44 nice tits

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