Prank your friends with a hand farter: Here’s another incredible episode f…

10 Responses to “Just For Laughs Gags – Season 1 Episode 2”

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  2. DarkflamethRS says:

    god doesn’t bless idiots who preach online

  3. Roscoe green says:

    14:27 if i got a dime every time someone blocks their ears i would be rich

  4. mai kim says:

    thiên tài

  5. georgiajaw says:

    Lol 7:49

  6. pokjak911 says:

    8.0 is best

  7. anasamati says:

    4:09 A moroccan actress ;)

  8. laeccentricmango says:

    i only have one question. Where’s your proof?

  9. Autumn Shumaker says:

    Have your show ever been on tv be cause it shoud

  10. MARTIN Charlie Hynes says:

    horrible. money makes the girls fools. kareena slapped a senior news reporter in a meeting. she must be mad.

    i found this clip here >>>

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