Our final episode of the first season! These are possibly the best 20 minutes you will ever spend in your entire life! Microphone Out of Nowhere Prank Sudden…

10 Responses to “Just for Laughs Gags – Season 1 Episode 13”

  1. Tessa Styles says:

    I love these things

  2. Oldies but goodies..

  3. reans reanes says:

    Being Hollywood start !

  4. do the last prank again with a better actress… would be awesome… any
    way you guys should re-do old good jokes. i would love to see them with new
    victims… you could call them “JFL remastered”

  5. Shahrooz Alimohammadi says:

    It was way better when the thumb pictures were a frame of the video, with
    the new ones I have no idea what am I gonna watch and basically I don’t
    click them. Please do it like before … TY

  6. Casper Kane says:

    good pranks guys, keep it up

  7. Just For Laughs Gags says:

    It’s your last do-nothing day of the week, so you know what that means-
    it’s time to watch a FULL EPISODE of #JFLGAGS!

    CLICK HERE TO WATCH: http://bit.ly/HVVD4w

  8. jose antonio lopez lopez says:


  9. Kris Brown says:

    Canadians seem really patient 

  10. wolf9walker . says:

    These are funny, but I am so glad you don’t do them where I live. I would
    be so annoyed, especially the cell ringing.
    19:32 wait.. Are those bell bottoms, or just really big pants? If they are
    bell-bottoms, they died in the 70’s, if they are just really big pants,
    they have been lame since before kids started wearing them.

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