I did a live Q and A but a rain storm hit while was live and amidst the family chaos we had a flooding emergency!!!!! Chris picked up his Mom and carried her outside to the rain storm! LOL!!!

5 Responses to “Jack Vale Went LIVE and had a RAIN STORM EMERGENCY – Son Pranks Mom”

  1. Thanh Huynh says:


  2. blinko656 says:

    You like Trump, I can see it….:)

  3. Noel Family says:

    Hi from Temecula, CA. My favorite videos are old man Harry videos. Any new videos coming up with him? I know you once said you stopped doing pranks with Harry because your kids were afraid of the mask, but now that they’re older, will you start doing more pranks with Harry again?

  4. The commenter 198 says:

    You were not the only one with a storm there was a storm here too yesterday at the other side of the globe in europe it was like that too our trees were shaking too and it was raining heavily and there were loud sounds of lightning and thunder

  5. Jonathan Guldner says:

    Do more pooter videos

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