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8 Responses to “Introducing My Girlfriend”

  1. ArmaniXperience says:

    Jesse is one of the OG youtubers man, I remember watching the wawa runs, pvp saaaan, saaan chips saan, cookie dance etc. I used to watch bfvsgf DAILY. So I will forever be a fan (even tho chip chocolate denied taking a picture with me in NYC ) lol. This was a great vid! Tawny seems like a great gal. Happy if you are happy bro

  2. Why’d I search Spiderman 🕷️ and get this lol

  3. Hes gotten so feminine it’s so weird he seems sooo soft than what he was like a year ago

  4. Anakin Vader says:

    Dang jess Lost some muscle mass. He used to be swole

  5. Davon Dolo Hill says:

    Jesse display the best videos and edits on yt bro…really the best on yt 💪🏾og supporter🤘🏾

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