This guy has been having a ton of issues with his internet service provider TalkTalk. He’s been FLIPPING out on them over the phone for months on end, and is waiting for a call back. What do you think happens when Abdo, Rakesh, and Buk Lau call him back as the support representatives instead? ­čśÇ

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6 Responses to “Internet Service Cancellation MELTDOWN (UK) – Ownage Pranks”

  1. Devon Young says:

    Great video!!! As always keep em coming ­čśé curry masala, dropped as a baby,
    burnt zucchini I lost my shit this entire video´╗┐

  2. I didn’t know there was internet in Afghanistans´╗┐

  3. Michael Girling says:

    I think he needs an English accent for pranks on English ppl´╗┐

  4. TR1NAL B0X1 says:

    Guys I recently found out my internet is .04 mbps on upload and .19 mbps on
    download speed, the average is supposed to be about 4 mbps. #feelsbadman´╗┐

  5. khushhal ahmadzai says:

    Best video so far´╗┐

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