Someone’s bursting with Holiday spirit! They say charity begins at home, but these husbands are STUNNED when their wives pull out a HUGE wad of cash to put i…

10 Responses to “Instant Accomplice: Wife vs. Husband Charity Gifts Prank – Gagstravaganza Day 17”

  1. StickMan World says:

    Lol That man who snatched the money before his wife handed it must have a
    joint account with her. He was like oh hell no, this bitch doesn’t work
    that’s my fucking money!

  2. I like how you got the wives to participate, do more like that!

  3. PrankandSpank says:

    The men’s reactions were priceless. The nuns were like…”now we have money
    for the strip bar!” After all they can look but they can’t touch….or can
    they? =p

  4. #gags #christmas #xmas #december

  5. Prank Files says:

    You rock JUST FOR LAUGHS!! Thanks guys!! Thumbs up this video!!! Keep
    the fun coming!! Please check out my new Prank Channel, thanks Bros!!

  6. Just For Laughs Gags says:

    Thumbs up for baller women!

  7. UPlayNetwork says:

    In that moment the husbands were reflecting on their marriages, secrets (
    where did it all go wrong?

  8. He he he so funny

  9. MrKillachristopher2 says:

    Reupload… But you know what would’ve been better for this reupload If you
    showed the reaction of the guy who took back the money.

  10. panyingkul says:


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