Some pranks are funny, some are clever, and some are just plain absurd. Check out the best absurd pranks we’ve ever filmed! Purple Balls Prank:

10 Responses to “Insanely Absurd Pranks – Best of Just for Laughs Gags”

  1. timholith45 says:

    The one with the balls ‘s like a variation of 1vs 100 I love it!

  2. Just For Laughs Gags says:

    Spice up your Sunday by watching some of our most INSANELY ABSURD pranks


  3. Misslee2013 says:

    Ok I didn’t get the rock prank– where they kept taking it on and off the
    bench; can someone explain please ?

  4. KennyofME says:

    Sometimes I think these videos are sponsored by the Canadian Tourism

  5. Streets, blocks, experimental music says:

    The Bench and Stone prank is outrageously funny, even though I’ve seen it
    before. How come they who did it didn’t burst into laughter? Pranks with
    innocent and helpless Epic Old Man is a master class of its own. — It is
    good that there has been just one prank for a day quite some time,
    otherwise it would be too easy to fall into entertainmentalillness. I
    wonder if there could be some prank regarding the latter-mentioned disease?

  6. PaulBunkey says:

    The only “youtuber” that can indefinitely reupload their old videos and
    receive all the views and likes all over again. And I watch and like every

  7. Emmy Azizi says:

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  8. Alex King says:

    love the guy at 3:47 he was just like “wait.. is that him or- wait no he’s
    here. Hey!”

  9. hansmaulwurf111 says:

    I Love your Videos!

  10. UPlayNetwork says:

    The stone ones were outrageously funny

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