This guy in the UK recently got into a fight with his gardener, but he didn’t expect his house to be broken into afterwards – while his wife and daughter were home. | Watch more RAKESH pranks:

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10 Responses to “Insane Fight in the UK Results in Home Invasion (Stage 2)”

  1. Ownage Pranks says:

    Whatup notification squad, this video is an extra extra special one. STAGE TWO IS BACK, leave a comment with your favorite part, and remember to share the insanity by posting this vid up on social media!! Instagram/Twitter @OwnagePranks

  2. Kwan Hopkins says:

    I’ve never heard so many mouse clicks.

  3. Steven Kwiatkowski says:

    best prank ever!

  4. Lost it at “hallo…. Do you want to play hide and seek?” 😂😂😂

  5. Connor White says:

    I’m honestly a voice actor and can do all his voices and I’ve pranked people too it’s so fun lawl

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