This prank is a return to the essence of Ownage Pranks. Classic Buk Lau getting in a heated debate with a tattoo parlor. Unfortunately they were not interested in tattooing his Tootsie Roll. Enjoy the animation? Lets get this to 40K likes if you want to see part 2 animated like this!

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Special thanks to DG and Mike for providing the stop motion animation service and lip sync!

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10 Responses to “Insane Christmas Tattoo Prank #1 (Stop Motion Animation)”

  1. Ownage Pranks says:

    Whatup OPCREW! Unfortunately this masterpiece of a video was randomly demonetized right before I published it, but it’d mean a lot to me if y’all could still drop a Like on the video and share it with your friends! I’d at least still like a bunch of people to see it 🙂 *40K likes and PART 2 will be animated and posted!* Even funnier than part 1 imo ;D New free prank of the week (Crazy Grandpa) is live

    • Ownage Pranks pls do part two! Im watching all ur ads btw

    • Neko Fenrir says:

      Ownage Pranks hey Ownage can you please please please try prank this Indian guy, he’s been trying to scam people here in my city in New Zealand saying he’s with IRS and stuff. Here is his number.
      04-831 8636
      No one knows who he is or how many people are involved but he has called loads of people scamming old people and trying their luck with the younger people to. Please please do this for me?

    • Ownage Pranks do a pet shop or something

    • mulie malz says:

      Hi Russel I requested a prank on your request a prank page just wondering where we got to , it’s the one where one of my mates girlfriend who’s obsessed after being with him after a month and she turned up with her brother at his house

    • Mateo Zwiener says:

      Dafuq is wrong with youtube, demonetizing some masterpiece, only cancer now in youtube, good stuff doesn’t gets support, sad.

  2. sterion nikovski says:

    Gay hotline pls

  3. I realy can’t believe how respectful that guy was I would have went crazy

  4. RCL_Lethal YT says:

    Where is part 2? I love y’all guys

  5. JASON KING says:

    Soooo jokes can’t beat it lol lol 😂

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