This guy in the UK had his car stolen, he absolutely LOSES IT when the thief calls back to confess. REQUEST A PRANK –

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10 Responses to “Insane Arab Car Thief Calls Back Victim (UK)”

  1. Ownage Pranks says:

    THIS PRANK IS INSANE! Sorry for the delayed upload.. been waiting on youtube to *hopefully* monetize this video that a TON of time and work went into, but no luck πŸ™ Didn’t want to keep you guys waiting any longer so I’m posting it anyways. I would mega appreciate you guys sharing the video with a friend, and dropping a Like on it if it gave you some laughs! Remember, you can request a prank here:

  2. SashaUAE2020 says:

    What Mercedes Estate exactly? C-Class, E-Class?

  3. Shantel Brown says:

    haahaaa i cant !!!

  4. ItsFootage says:

    β€œI’m gonna get my car…and then f***in drive it up your ass…that is f***in painful!”
    Well DUH it’s painful! I cried my eyes out watching this πŸ˜‚! Instant like!

  5. Zack Nemo says:

    Dat wz a dooooozay! Jolly good jorb mr pranks Sir!

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