This Indian restaurant didn’t think it’d be worth giving their food a second chance even after I explained the teachings of my recent Yoga retreat. If you en…

10 Responses to “Indian Yoga Retreat Prank”

  1. thegiftedmedia says:

    When he brought up Drake, I laughed 5 mins straight!

  2. Angel C says:


  3. ANBUleader13 says:

    call lees chines food 305 271 4891

  4. arribinator1 says:

    LOL the indian guy said give me the number

  5. Boe Doe says:

    It was funny at first, but after awhile it gets rather offensive…..

  6. 55555online says:

    Do Chris more often! x3

  7. Govinda Jones says:

    I died at started from the bottom

  8. If you call I hang you up!

  9. Aqib Shah says:

    At 9:16 (something about a number) – he said “give me his number”.

  10. BabyGermanyBarbie100 says:

    Watch me shake MY BOOTY!!! click me! THANKS FOR SO MANY viewers! Pre-teen booty dancer!

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