I’m not gonna talk about the news right now cause my wife won’t let me. I love you guys so much and appreciate you all so much! To all my sponsors and super chatters…YOU ARE THE BEST! Thank you!!

5 Responses to “I’m Live Right Now!!”

  1. Bridgett Holman says:

    Please know that I love u and your beautiful family. You are a comedic genius.

  2. NickTheQuick 224 says:

    Since everyone’s commenting suggestions maybe consider doing some more of those long awkward holding hands pranks lol they were hilarious

  3. Justin Padron says:

    Jack you still live in The Estates?

  4. Wesley Brown says:

    Jack you farted

  5. Hans Gyllstrom says:

    Jack! I want a pooter so much! I want to do stuff like you do. I want to prank people here in georgia.

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