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5 Responses to “I WISH JEANA WAS HERE”

  1. SuperHypertrophy says:

    Lol you guys don’t get it? He leaves for like 2 months, comes back and puts
    the word JEANA in the title. And sells us a bunch of shit that companies
    want him to peddle us. He has so many companies coming at him that he
    chooses htc, boosted board, the bike (even though he said it wasn’t, it is)
    and the tickets app. FAKEJESS

  2. Shannon Carvill says:

    yo face dirty fam

  3. Ryan kenmed says:

    get her back

  4. JGA Productions says:

    hey guys small channel some cool stuff! sub and help me out homies!

  5. Im Griselle says:

    Everyone just needs to fuck off. Jesse, don’t ever give up.

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