Everything you need to know in order to prank your parents this summer because, let’s be honest, they probably deserve it!!
All you need are balloons, water, and a butterfly net.

You go little Prankster!

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5 Responses to “How To PRANK With Water Balloons”

  1. doolamattie thomas says:


  2. 0:41 Hahaha! Love that mean(? frustrated?) face.
    Poor girl. But what a champ for having to get soaked, dry off, and repeat. 😀
    She also reminds me of the actress from that cowboy movie… uhmm… dang… what’s the name….. oh my gosh… on the tip of my tongue! _True Grit_! Got it. 😀 The 2010 version.

  3. Alejandro Carranza says:


  4. Let's have Fun says:


  5. Sweet pussies

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