Funny woman posing as a blind lady keeps hitting people in a mall with a stick. And guess where??? Between their legs!! How do you think you would react if y…

7 Responses to “Hitting between Legs PRANK”

  1. Eduardo Padilla says:

    hahahahahahahahahahahaha >:o

  2. jaber masoud says:

    Pretty dumb

  3. excelx213 says:

    1:34 lol that was no mistake lady xD

  4. Flanker X says:

    so homo lol!

  5. WorldsFunniestGags says:

    Funny prank! Really.. :)

  6. Superio Man says:

    This is pretty stupid…

  7. WorldsFunniestGags says:

    Check out this awesome prank

    Blind Woman Hitting on the Crotch in a Mall Prank

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