Hey everyone, here’s another bonus Friday JKP prank! If you wish to see more kids pranking adults, visit Just Kidding Pranks:

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  1. Bella Horan says:


  2. ExtremeNoLifer says:

    lets see, bald eagle avatar, poorly thought out conspiracy rant, death of the middle class….. you’re one of those kinds of American or European aren’t you, the ones which think America > everyone else and damn all that gets in the way?

  3. tromtacular says:

    Funny idea… but…
    One of these days someone’s going to get such a fright during these curb-side pranks that they’ll step back in to oncoming traffic. I often cringe a bit at the potential for that happening when pranks are done on road-side areas. Agree with other comments – the repeated ‘ello’ is annoying & detracts from the comedy.

  4. NameNotAvailiable1 says:


  5. Bella Horan says:

    When he was s

  6. jxieful says:

    Its kind of annoying when that kid says hello.. Cuz I feel like punching his face

  7. vip666826 says:

    شعب عنده انسانيه وهم كفر ويهود بس ارحم منا

  8. KoRnFreakFanGam3r says:

    I want to hit that kid in the face !

  9. moonbean1996 says:

    Best prank!,,

  10. RenaissanceSeeker1 says:

    The system that currently controls our Western nations has become rotten & corrupted. The people who are intentionally creating the corruption are the ZIONISTS!

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