I enjoyed our little talk tonight 🙂 Thanks!

6 Responses to “Having a Teenage Daughter is HARD!!!”

  1. luv u jack!

  2. Free Slave says:

    Jack, if you had a Ferrari, would you hand the keys to so strange 19 year old and let him take it out for a spin? Is your daughter not worth more to you? Perhaps look up Voddie Bauchams instruction to fathers raising daughters.

    • nun tet says:

      Free Slave A car is a possession whereas a teenager is on the verge of becoming their own person. In two year short years she will legally be her own person in the eyes of the law and will not be any less valuable. I am possessive of things and dont trust anyone to drive my cars but cant be that way with people because you push them away. 3 years difference is not that big a deal. 16 year old boy is no better than a 19 year old. You would not truly trust any of them. You can only help her make better decisions by being someone she respects and trusts.

  3. Sunshine June says:

    Great Jack Vale 😁

  4. choobplaya says:

    Good parenting. I’d never let my 16 year old go out with a 19 year old

  5. jordan martinez says:

    Do u live in Tennessee

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