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5 Responses to “HAVE TO SAY THIS…”

  1. BennyBlogger says:

    Jesse try getting a team to help you with the recording and editing so it takes the stress off you. This may help make dailies more manageable. Good Luck! Appreciate you!

  2. Bruno Schwarzer says:

    I imagine the things I appreciate the most are kinda different from the usual for you guys cuz I’m from Brazil. I really like your lookbooks and all content related with your lifestyle in Venice. Videos showing the city life, what goes on the street, underground issues, innovation, that kind of stuff. Not to mention all the beautiful shooting and editing you always care about. For me it’s nice to know what’s going on there and how’s life in the US. Not only I like it a lot but it even has to do with my job. Keep going, Jesse, you kill it. Peace

  3. I really would like to just see any videos you put out to be honest. I love your editing. Whatever video you make I always love them because they’re always interesting no matter what it is. The editing is to die for. You inspire me so much Jesse. Wish nothing but the best for you and a word, just make whatever videos you want. I’ll always support and watch them anyways! Peace On The Streeeeets Saaan!

  4. Arnold Moreno says:


  5. Arnold Moreno says:

    Do 2 or 3 videos a week

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