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Tawny Janae –
Chase Premone
Nichole Woyak
Dean Zeller
Chris Roush
Jon Rea
Dan Perri

5 Responses to “Haircuts For The Homeless – A Haircut Can Change A Life”

  1. l6puboss says:

    No hope means everybody does dope

  2. Danimc55 says:

    It sucks that this went undercover hope this blows up

  3. Maximo5457 says:

    Damn brother thank you!

  4. Wheelie Boy MotoVlogs says:

    155 dislikes are the ones who inspire to hate on people who do better than them! lol goodluck
    keep it up J-DOG

  5. Subhan Ali says:

    this was incredible big up man

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