Jesse has been playing his new video game, Grand Theft Auto 5, practically nonstop since he got it. It’s been consuming all of his time and now it’s ridiculo…

10 Responses to “GIRLFRIEND RUINS GTA5”

  1. SuomenWiirus says:

    I think that is Fuc*ing anoying.

  2. Bryan Smith says:

    Fake and gay

  3. Jennifer Lopez says:

    I love this video but I’m team jesse doe

  4. Yeah I would have thrown her down the stairs by that point, this is just

  5. BilalFootball03 says:

    he was at mission 13

  6. interfering in my gta game, i would have beaten that bitch
    thats a no go, not my gta

  7. what was that at 1:18

  8. Girls… Always wanting attention –‘

  9. Lukrislily o says:

    Nude up, that’ll make him stop.

  10. simon santos says:


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