Months ago, Jesse tormented me with this hot pepper extract which is 2000000 scoville units, and 100x hotter than a jalepeno pepper. It was only a matter o…


  1. Neil Pasion says:

    He cried hahahaha!!!!!!!!

  2. TheJodo2010 says:

    At least he knew to go straight for the ice cream.

  3. OkaySnipingHQ says:

    it hurts my mouth lol

  4. Anabel Carranza says:

    Lmao funny af

  5. enieledam89able says:

    Lol, he just stops eating like ‘oh shit’

  6. EliteHarvestor says:

    they have to if not u expect them to suspect every meal they live in suspense not knowing if a meal is going to turn into a spicy volcano or 2 year old cow

  7. imthefercho says:

    But she took a lot more to find the ice cream. He knew what to look for right away. 

  8. Khalid Al-Thani says:

    the last episode both of them will die and why they still trust each other ??

  9. fruitloop33344455555 says:

    You shoulda shut off the water and hid the milk and ice cream for the ultimate experience ;D

  10. MrSlayer46 says:

    no, jesse only took a bite from the BIG burrito and Jeana ate all of the sauce in the SMALL sushi. So, Jeana ate more.

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