You have seen guys do it, now watch what happens when a girl does it! I sent my cousin Ashlee into a library with The Pooter to fart on people! Also watch our other video “Shy Girl Farting in an Elevator”

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The Pooter is the world’s best fart sound maker. Of all the fart toys out there, this one is the one you can fully control in the palm of your hand. Always good for a laugh!

6 Responses to “Girl Farting in a Library – Funny Prank Video 2016 – The Pooter”

  1. Edward Pearce says:

    Obviously learnt from the master Mr Vale.

  2. tell her she’s pressing to hard on the pooter

  3. Takeoffloc Loc says:

    Thr guys like it… Its hard for a pretty girl to gross guys out.. And we
    all know that pretty girls dont really fart in real life anyway

  4. Dharin Costic says:

    smashleebug returns!

  5. Wesley Jordan says:

    First time I couldn’t even force myself to laugh at a Jack Vale fart
    video…….oh maybe because Jack wasn’t doing the farting.

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