People witness an Epic Old Man playing chess against a make-believe opponent, or so they think…

10 Responses to “Ghost Chess Player – Double Prank”

  1. SSJvegito501 says:


  2. rasta jose says:

    jejej… muy buena. >_<

  3. Katie Rose says:

    crazy celebrities. celebrities have gone crazy. fans got shocked when kareena kapoor smashed on the news reader in public. she doesnt have any voice over it.

    if you wanna see just watch it now here >->

  4. Piyush Brahma says:

    i laughed so much .


  5. Omar Omari says:

    One of the best…. Keep it up friends

  6. websnozz says:

    The picture at the endbwas what really made this one genius.

  7. southhui says:

    Their minds were already blown when they saw the chess moved and they started to question everything they used to believe.

  8. So Nyeo Shi Dae says:

    Dont people ever use polaroids before? They come out blank. Not wid a pic .

  9. AdellesAK47 says:

    I’m glad to see that the Old Man is still alive. Last I saw him, he was declared dead in the hospital.. but I guess that was a joke.

  10. SAMIRKA85 says:

    One of the best prank in this show! So funny :D.

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