Funny Baby in a Mall Prank. This pranking little baby is sure to shock the innocent shoppers at the mall. See the funny reactions that unsuspecting people wh…

18 Responses to “Funny Baby Prank : Worlds Funniest Gags”

  1. DarkStormRises says:

    lol 😀

  2. Lol

  3. spikyskate5o1 says:

    Ahaha that was comedy

  4. MissLologirl123 says:

    that was funny 🙂

  5. spectus poliki says:

    i also have retartarded vids

  6. i like the video the best no i like the bunny part

  7. jamela delacruz says:

    Lol ! This Not Funny >.<

  8. MrRunescapenator says:


  9. Shannon Winkler says:

    Funny cute baby x

  10. peter perlik says:

    poor kids lol

  11. RapRnB4u says:


  12. Orion Pax says:

    2nd comment like it please? 😀

  13. Stewie Griffen says:


  14. Harry Allain Sr. says:

    Gag, that’s it.!

  15. LAHWFTOO says:

    Hey guys I started a prank channel and I got some bad news so for the rest of my time in this world I want to make you guys laugh and smile so check out my channel and love life to the fullest god bless and have fun

  16. Free Beer Productions says:

    like :)

  17. Leslie Reynolds says:

    i love it when the baby was in the box it was FUNNY

  18. touseefk303 says:

    please show the reaction of peoples… when you reveal that its a Prank.

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