The bucket of change that the scouts have collected for their fundraiser is too heavy for them…

10 Responses to “Fundraised Funds Down the Drain!”

  1. Dunkey Piht says:

    every comment = attention, you fucktard.

  2. alhjaj uost says:

    so funny

  3. Daniel Collington says:

    A smart person will also hold the bottom

  4. EPICCINEMArcane says:

    what i’m wondering is, is that a real manhole

  5. Lynksis485 says:

    all of these pranks are planned out, it’s not that hard. dumbass people

  6. SaRisusSardonicus says:

    Your comment makes no sense. People WAS giving him the attention since around 50 people fell for it, did you even read what was said anyway?

  7. 1cy1nferno says:

    I know right.. I was gonna say already but that works too hahaha

  8. SocialSteeze says:

    check out our channel for social pranks 🙂

  9. Rashid Gill says:

    RyanSunTV: Your comment has been marked has SPAM. I think a lot of people here recognize your joke and do not want to see you posting such comments. It is time for a new joke.

  10. Rashid Gill says:

    Christopher Santoso you said: ‘That little girl is gonna be hot when she grow up.’ We are here for jokes, not to fantasize how kids will look hot when they grow up. That thought is just stupid and does not even cross a normal person’s mind. Your mind does not seem to read Children & Innocence together in the same sentence. Chickenwire88 just above your comment went for the bull’z eye and said ‘Pedo alert…’

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