Hey everyone, here’s another bonus Friday JKP prank! If you wish to see more kids pranking adults, visit Just Kidding Pranks:

10 Responses to “Free Epic Dog Prank – Just Kidding Prank”

  1. SHKmaster1 says:

    Durrr hurrr.

  2. jesussaves7777 says:

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  3. maranatha5800 says:

    Irritating. :))) well done.

  4. SHKmaster1 says:

    This is not funny. The dog could have been easily stolen by someone. If the dog was left by the ones watching it, it could have gotten a heat stroke. I’d have to dislike for it promotes animal cruelty.

  5. maria coll says:

    hola rociio no se que paso pero se perdio

  6. Oprescu Florin says:

    why the fuck are you preaching that garbage here ?

  7. Dunkey Piht says:

    CALL PETA!!!

  8. Oprescu Florin says:

    Are you mentally challenged?

  9. Nikhom Khambonphithak says:


  10. the last one was in book with a surprising ending

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