Wanted to pull an old school type Pvp prank. So I strapped a GoPro to a can of silly string to give it a cool FPS view of spraying Jeana. Facebook:

10 Responses to “FPS SILLY STRING”

  1. Maddy Jade says:

    damn. imagine the amount of cleaning they have to do.

  2. jommiiebryann says:

    well that escalated quickly

  3. cole siopp says:

    someone who gets pranked alot

  4. ImWatchableTV says:

    First off, I’m in no way of trying to SPAMMING you guys.
    (idk if promoting myself is considered, SPAMMING 0_0?? )
    Oh well…it’s better to show than explain all this.
    Please just check out my channel and Subscribe if you like it =)

  5. BatstoneFilms says:

    Haha it looks like spunk

  6. RevelationGJS says:

    Team Jesse saaaaan

  7. jovannyramirez51 says:

    Team Jesse

  8. frosty4289 says:

    That’s some quality silly string

  9. UentilSecure says:

    Boom! Headshot!

  10. Richard B. says:

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