I called a Foot Locker as Tyrone to speak with some fellow brothas about a pair of Jordan’s (sneakers) I purchased that ended up being fake. Hit the ‘Like’ b…

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  1. Kaurin1880 says:

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  2. aflores1992skate says:


  3. grim3965 says:

    Could I speak to the manager who was exhibiting bitch like behavior hahahaha

  4. Token The Baus says:


  5. ForrestLaKoTa says:

    5:02 hahahaha lol

  6. Opticillusion160 says:

    Same thing, synonym

  7. TheSpeakabox5 says:

    Looks like a re-tard!

  8. yeeeeeeeece says:

    We need more Tyrone!

  9. 4realRecon says:

    sho olololollololololo s

  10. TheExsqueezeme says:

    Not really, no.

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