This guy met a Nigerian woman online, and is dying to finally meet his ‘true love’. I called him up as a Nigerian filmmaker that wants to fly him out and document the experience.
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10 Responses to “Finding Love in Nigeria Prank (African Accent)”

  1. Ownage Pranks says:

    Whatup notification squad!! It’s finally here! The first full prank featuring the African character Alexander 😀 More than anything, I wanted to try to help this guy finally get to Nigeria by raising awareness, you can check out his GoFundMe here – I still got some more work to do to perfect that character haha, but you guys have been begging me to release another prank featuring him!! Thanks for all your continued love and support on the channel, let me know what kind of African prank you’d want to hear next 🙂

    • Rastafari Genius says:

      Campaign Not Found Boi ran off with the money…………………………

    • loveispainization says:

      I finally get the chance to comment.. Ownage I’ve been waiting for that African accent!! Ur the best and should do this voice more, I’m sure its difficult to get pranks with it but its fluffing awesome 😀 thank u!!!

    • Emmanuel Santiago says:

      Link does not work.

    • whattolivefor !! Go fund me is down. Sounds for sure like a scam. Lol

    • whattolivefor !! says:

      Ownage Pranks i am Nigerian and there is a possibility that this is a scam….i would like you to know that. He is too nice for this. Please trust me.

  2. Ronald Poon says:

    Do more african its so so funny

  3. David Johnston says:

    Dude keep practicing! Would love to see more of the new guy

  4. Accidental238 says:

    Sounds more like Abdo than a nigerian voice

  5. Remberto Mendoza says:

    Man you are the best Russell! U nailed this new character!!! Great job !

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