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So im doing a meet and greet on August 21 in NYC at the Macy’s Address: 151 W 34th St, New York, NY 10001 12pm. Going to try to meet every one that goes. They might not let you get into line if you come after 2pm so try to be on time. Will be giving away 10 Rose Ave jackets to you guys. It will be like a lottery so the more friends you bring the better chance to win. These jackets are super limited so this might be the only place you can get them.
RiceGum –
Rose Ave Bike. –
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Snapchat: JessePvP


5 Responses to “Fighting RiceGum For The Daughter Diss!”

  1. Jayda Graves says:

    This Editing is dope

  2. Tenzin The Savage says:


  3. Jason Molina says:

    Hickeys on jessys neck

  4. kênh sáng chế says:

    tôi rất thích xem video của bạn tôi ở việt nam

  5. Sophia Hernandez says:

    who else noticed the hickeys on jesse’s neck 🙄

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