YOU’RE WELCOME!! It’s a tough job, but someone’s gotta do it. We get people to put on a blindf…

10 Responses to “Feeling his Tender Meat – Prank Comparison Test”

  1. Roei Alynna says:

    nice one @Tin!

  2. ExtremeNoLifer says:


    that is all :3

  3. Brian Charlton says:

    lmfao.. whyd that one dude spank it.. hahahah

  4. CumulusSkies says:

    This was hilarious! Just ignore the negative comments. They’re probably from the USA. Hee hee…

  5. طبطب

  6. Emirhan taşer says:

    fuuuckk not really fuck

  7. theyre weird for letting them touch it? That one dude spanked it but hes sooo normal.

  8. Jose Garcia says:

    I want see a hot girl ass not some old dude

  9. ATheDukeletsplay says:

    i busted a gut!

  10. BadLactose says:

    That guy’s butt is pretty sexy.

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